Summer Placement Testing


Summer Testing is for

  • transfer students (sophomores, juniors, and seniors)
  • incoming freshmen who have not taken the EXPLORE placement exam

Contact Ms. Adriana Eloiza at (847) 718-7022

Length of the test: 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (approximately)
Meet in Student Services (Room 163).

Incoming Freshmen and Sophomore transfer students who don't have a transcript take the following tests:

  • Writing Sample 
  • Math Placement Test

Juniors and Seniors who don't have a transcript take the following tests:

  • Writing Sample         
  • Math Placement Test
  • Gates MacGinitie Reading Test or a retired ACT

Placement Testing FAQ's

Why is placement testing important for my student? 

In order for us to place your child in the appropriate classes, we need consistent and current information on your child's knowledge, skills, and abilities.  Our placements may be less accurate and subject to change during the beginning of the year without this information. We will make placements in English, mathematics, science and social science classes based on a number of factors, including the placement test scores, grades from the previous school, and a written essay.

What process is used to place new students?

All Freshman students, as well as Sophomore, Juniors and Seniors without transcripts, are required to complete a comprehensive assessment which will provide information about the student’s level of preparation in English, mathematics, reading and science reasoning, plus details about his/her interests, needs, and plans. All students will also be asked to write a brief essay.  Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors are also required to take an additional math placement exam.

Can my child be considered for Honors classes?

Students interested in honors math placement will also take a 40-minute math test.

The Honors English courses are suggested for highly motivated students who demonstrate an aptitude for broader and deeper study in the areas of literature, writing, and vocabulary.  These courses move at a brisk pace and involve considerable work outside of class.  Emphasis is placed on reading with depth and insight, as well as writing a variety of essays involving a high level of literary analysis.  If your child is currently in an advanced or accelerated program or consistently receives excellent grades in reading and writing, and you would like your child to be considered for honors English placement, your student must indicate this request on the cover of the writing prompt booklet.

What should my child bring to the test?

Each student must have a calculator with the four basic functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), plus a square root function, for the mathematics portion of the test.  Your child should bring two pencils (No. 2), as well as a book to read in case he/she completes testing early.

How will I know how my child did on the test(s)?

If you tested over the summer or in January, scores will be mailed home within two weeks. If you tested in November, the scores can be picked up on Curriculum Night, which will be scheduled for sometime in January.