Advanced Manufacturing


At Wheeling High School, the Advanced Manufacturing career pathway enables students to explore the field of manufacturing and learn skills they can apply to a college degree or use in the workforce after graduation.  Students who complete this program can earn NIMS Certification, MSSC Safety Certification, receive a National Career Readiness Certificate and participate in an internship program. 

For more information about the industry, visit the US Department of Labor website

Career Pathway Plan of Study: 

9th Grade Courses

  • English/Language: Written and oral communication
  • Math: Algebra
  • Science: Biology
  • Social Studies: Human Geography
  • Other required courses or recommended electives: PE, Information Processing, World Language
  • Career and Tech Ed Courses: Project Lead The Way; 06881/06882 Introduction to Engineering Desing; 06801/06802 Robotics 1; 06390 Drafting/CAD1

10th Grade Courses

  • English/language: World Literature and Composition
  • Math: Geometry
  • Science: Chemistry
  • Social Studies: World History
  • Other required courses or recommended electives: PE/Health/Drivers Ed, Fine Arts, World Languages
  • Career and Tech Ed courses: 06891/06892 Computer Integrated Manufacturing(PLTW) 06811/06812 Robotics 2

11th Grade Courses

  • English/Language: American Literature and Composition
  • Math: Advanced Algebra
  • Science: Physics
  • Social Studies: US History
  • Other required courses or recommended electives: PE, Electives appropriate to career goals, World Languages
  • Career and Tech Ed courses: 09631/09632 Tool Machine Technology NIMS Certification/National Career Readiness Certificate

12th Grade Courses

  • English/Language: AP English
  • Math: AP Calculus, AP Statistics, Functions/Trig
  • Science: AP Physics, Environmental Science, Ecology
  • Social Studies: AP Economics, AP Psychology
  • Other required courses or recommended electives: PE, World Languages, Electives appropriate to career goals
  • Career and Tech Ed courses: 09641/09642 Industrial CNC Manufacturing; 06921/06922 Principles of Engineering NIMS Certification MSSC Safety Certification; Internship Program