Visual Arts


Wheeling High School’s visual arts program encourages students to think independently, creatively, and develop aesthetic skills that will assist them in a career in art, as well as any profession that encourages creative thinking and 21st century skills. Students will also develop a visual portfolio, a necessary component for pursuing scholarship opportunities and postsecondary academic programs in the visual arts.

Students will have opportunities to interact with professional video game and graphic designers, photographers and photojournalists, and gallery owners through workshops and field trips. Students will also work as amateur graphic designers to create logos, posters, t-shirt designs, programs, and more. Competitive opportunities for student visual artists include Scholastic Arts Scholarship Competition, the Photographer’s Forum High School Competition, Congressional Arts Show Competition, Arlington Heights Arts Guild Scholarship competition, and the Arts Unlimited District Traveling Show. 

Community Shows and Publishing Opportunities

  • Harper College High School Invitational (Harper College)
  • Winter Art Show (Wheeling High School)
  • Art Expo (Forest View Educational Center)
  • Arts Unlimited Show (Forest View Educational Center)
  • Spring Art Show (Forest View Educational Center)
  • Circus Magazine (Wheeling High School Publication)
  • Arts Unlimited Anthology (District 214 Publication

Career Pathway Plan of Study

9th Grade Courses

  • English/Language Arts: Written and Oral Communication
  • Math: Algebra or Honors Advanced Algebra
  • Science: Biology
  • Social Studies/Sciences: Human Geography
  • Other required courses and recommended electives: PE (Beginning Fitness, Dance, etc), Information Processing, Foreign Language/Fine Arts
  • Career and Tech Ed courses: 06881-2 Introduction to engineering Design; 06390- Drafting/CAD I; 06410- Drafting/CAD II; 06290- Woods I; 06310- Woods II.

10th Grade Courses

  • English/Language Arts: World Literature and Composition
  • Math: Geometry or Honors Geometry
  • Science: Chemistry
  • Social Studies/Sciences: World History
  • Other required courses and recommended electives: Electives as appropriate for career goals, Health/PE, Foreign Language/Fine Arts
  • Career and Tech Ed courses: 06901/2-Cevil Engineering & Architecture; 06290-Woods I; 06310-Woods II; 06171/2- Advanced Woods & Cabinetmaking

11th Grade Courses

  • English/Language Arts: American Literature and Composition or AP Lit
  • Math: Advanced Algebra, Pre-calculus
  • Science: Physics
  • Social Studies/Sciences: U.S. History
  • Other required courses and recommended electives: Electives as appropriate for career goals, PE, Foreign Language/Fine Arts
  • Career and Tech Ed courses: 06941/2 Aerospace Engineering; 06191/06192- Practical Architectural Construction (PAC)

12th Grade Courses

  • English/Language Arts: AP English
  • Math: AP Statistics or Functions, Trigonometry
  • Science: AP Physics, AP Environmental Science
  • Social Studies/Sciences: AP Psychology, AP Government, AP Economics, Sociology I and II
  • Other required courses and recommended electives: PE, Foreign Language, other electives as appropriate for career goals
  • Career and Tech Ed courses: 06921/06922-Principles of Engineering; 06191/06192-PAC