National High School Dance Festival

Wheeling Orchesis has the distinction of being the only public, non-magnet school in the country selected for performance in 4 consecutive festivals. In March of 2008, Wheeling Orchesis was selected to perform (out of 165 entries from the US, Canada, and Australia) at the closing night gala concert for the National High School Dance Festival in Philadelphia. In March of 2010 dancers performed at the 10th NHSDF Student Choreography Showcase and Showcase Concert at the Gusman Theatre In Miami. In March 2012 WHS Orchesis was again selected for the closing night gala concert in Philadelphia. In 2014 Orchesis performed in the gala and an additional concert at the 12th NHSDF. 

Dance for Life and Dance for Life’s Next Generation

Orchesis has hosted Dance For Life’s Next Generation benefit dance concert with other youth companies for AIDS service organizations since 1995. To date the event has raised over $172,000 for AIDS related charities. March 8, 2015 celebrates the 21st anniversary of the event. Since 1994 WHS Dance and Orchesis students have served as production assistants for Chicago’s annual Dance for Life concert.

Dance Chicago

Orchesis members performed on Dance Chicago in a variety of concerts including: New Moves, Best of New Dances, Future Stars, Dance Slam, Choreographer’s Showcase, ValenTEEN, Dances for my Valentine, Dance for Kids Too! and Best of New Moves. WHS Orchesis hosted and performed in November 2009 Dance Slam West. We are a founding school for Dance Chicago’s Dance Links program.

Featured in Publications

Orchesis has been featured in the Winter 1997, December 2007, and March 2008 issues of Dance Spirit, a national publication. They have also appeared in Dance Magazine (November 1998), Dance Teacher (February 1999, November 2003, November 2007, September 2009), The Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald, and the Pioneer Press.

Guest Artist Projects

Past choreographers and guest artists have included *David Acevedo, Valerie Alpert, Christine Baltes (CA) Bril Barrett, Nijier Barrett, Masahnko Banda (Malawi), Scott Bartel, Monterez Buckley, *Ben Burke, *Katie Calandra-Kritek, Frank Chavez, Margie Cole, *DJ Corchin, *Dawn Corrado, Asiminas Chremos, Agnotti Cowie, Alicia Curtea, Brandon DiCriscio, Crystal Ellis- Abdullah, Tiffany Flame, Jennifer Foss, Heather Fraelick, Jay Franke, *Carolyn Gaffke, Tommye Giacchino, Elijah Gibson, Maria Gitana, Mark Gomez, Laurie Goux,  Tim Heck, Darryl Howard, Mari Jo Irbe, Calvin Jarell,  Katy Kempen, Leo Keegan (CA), Yael Leviton Saban, Corey Leizer, Heidi Malnar, Marc Marcaranes,  Harrison McEldowney, Beth McNeil, Elizabeth Medana (CA), Lizzie Mackenzie,  Marc Marcaranas, Nashley Mattocks, Karen McShane-Hellenbrand (WI), Julee Mertz, *Angela Mollison – Strickland, Corey Nagel, Eddy Ocampo, Amy Osgood, Amaniyea Payne, *Casey Pennell, Miguel Perez, Sarah Petronio, Jeremey Plummer, Phil Porter (CA), Dionna PridGeon, Nick Pupillo, Kirby Reed, Wilfredo Rivera,* Anna Sapozhnikov, Tony Savino, Jane Siarny, Johnnie Smith (CA), Richard Smith, Sarita Smith-Childs,  *Tanya Steinberg, Amanda Tanguay, Melissa Thodos, Chris Walker (WI/Jamaica), Cynthia Winton-Henry (CA), Anne Zivolich. (*denotes WHS Orchesis alumni)