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Academic - Noncompetitive
Fine Arts
Student Support


Academic - Noncompetitive

A.V.I.D. Club
Sponsor: Bruce Varela
A.V.I.D. club is an extension of the A.V.I.D. (Advancement Via Individual Determination) program. A.V.I.D.'s mission is to prepare all students for college. In A.V.I.D. club, we do fundraising activities as well as community service projects. Everyone is welcome to attend and participate in our projects.

Sponsor: Rebecca Canady
FUSE is a space for you to hang out and mess around while trying out all kinds of different challenges. Some are short & sweet, but others are more complex and will take a bit longer. FUSE engages youth in STEM fields through low barrier, hands-on exploratory challenges. Using a leveling up model from gaming, students will increase their science and engineering skills and interest. Challenges can be tackled individually or in groups.

National Honor Society
Sponsor: Jennifer Zorn
National Honor Society inducts new members each year in May. Requirements of membership include: a weighted GPA of 4.8 or higher, participation in service activities in or out of school, and a strong character, judged by staff input. Once inducted, each member is required to continue with a weighted grade point average of 4.8 or above. Each member will also be expected to complete at least 20 service hours including the Back to School bash and canned food drive.

Psychology Club
Sponsor: Patty Baima
The purpose of the Psychology Club is to expand upon psychology topics and explore new concepts related to psychology. Anyone interested in psychology is invited to join.

Sponsor: TBA
Tutoring is a program that matches a student who is having difficulties in an academic subject with a volunteer student tutor who can help outside of class. Student tutors volunteer their time in the subject area of their expertise. Many peer tutors are members of the National Honor Society. Both students requesting help and the tutors submit an information form available from counselors or the main office. Schedules are matched and student and peer tutor are introduced and agree on a meeting time and place. Most students meet once each week, before or after school, or during part of a lunch hour.

Wheeling Political Action Club
Sponsors: Carrie Mattlingly Liz Lennon
Wheeling Political Action Club (WPAC) meets to discuss and increase awareness of global political issues. We choose current issues at the local, national, or world level for projects throughout the school year. All WHS students are invited to join WPAC.

Wheeling Science/Environmental Club
Sponsor: Donna Caponigro Lisa DelMuro
The Science/Environmental Club raises funds to help preserve the rain forest and endangered species of plants and animals. The students in the club participate in local environmental cleanups. Students also participate in the collection of donations for Clearbrook Education Center for Developmentally Disabled children and adults.



Student Athletic Trainer’s Club
Sponsors: Tim Meyer Beth Anderson Rocco Tieri
Athletic Training is the prevention, first aid, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Student Athletic Trainers assist the Certified Athletic Trainers in the these duties. They tape, assist with exercise, and provide first aid for all types of injuries. Become an athletic trainer to be involved in an activity that will carry over into the future, earn awards, just like all of the other sports participants, and assist athletes in their process of recovering from an injury. 

Sponsor: Jennifer Kolba
Poms is an activity focused on promoting school spirit through performances at various sporting events. There are two Pom Pon squads at WHS, one for the fall season and one for the winter season. Tryouts are held in the spring for the following school year. Practices are held after school, and the members of the squad choreograph the routines. The squad performs at Varsity home football and basketball games and other sporting events. School assemblies and the Junior Wildcat Pom Clinic are also a part of our program.

Weight Room
Sponsors: Brent Pearlman
Our weight room is open during posted hours for off-season athletes as well as faculty to train with weights and become stronger. Males and females are encouraged to participate.

Intramural Sports
Director: Brent Pearlman, Fall & Winter
Intramural sports are available in the fall (September and October) and winter (December through February). Basketball and Soccer are available every Gold Thursday from 7:25 to 8:15 a.m., if not in seminar. During the winter season, a basketball league runs from December through February, on most Monday evenings between 7:30 and 9 p.m. in both the gymnasium and field house. Signups for teams in the league will take place in November; a student ID must be presented at the time of signup. You may select your own team or ask to be placed on one. This activity is open to any Wheeling High School student not on a Wheeling High School basketball team. Soccer and Basketball are also available every Gold late start from 7:25 to 8 a.m. in the field house and gym. 


Career Treks and Career Counseling
Sponsor: Ted Jackowski
The Wheeling High School career adviser provides the opportunity to participate in activities that help students prepare to make good career decisions as a part of their future planning. Career Treks are small group field trips, during school hours, organized by the career adviser, to a business or organization. The business or organization provides a brief tour of its facility and the opportunity to hear professionals talk about their careers, the education and training required, and their career path. For more information, contact Ted Jankowski in Student Services

Family Career and Community Leaders of America
Sponsors: Jen Cederberg
The Career and Technical Student Organization for Family and Consumer Science students, FCCLA, is a national student organization that helps young men and women become better leaders in their families, careers and communities. Students learn skills for life: planning, goal setting, problem solving, decision making and interpersonal communication. Members have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership skills through participating in proficiency events, showcasing community service projects, exploring careers, attending educational sessions and electing officers.

Future Educators of America
Sponsor: Jamie Karavouzis
The Future Educators of Wheeling High School is for students interested in the teaching profession such as teaching at the Pre-K, Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle School, High School and College level. Other areas are social work, counseling or other related fields. We explore these areas by having speakers share their experiences. In addition, we sponsor a Happy Healthy Hearts Day for Staff Members’ Children in the winter. All students are invited to join. We meet each month usually on the first or second Monday.

Medical Careers Club
Sponsor: Lori Leska
Medical Careers Club is for students interested in a health career such as nursing, lab technician, x-ray technician, physician, physical therapist, etc. We explore their options by taking field trips/career treks and having speakers on various careers. We also hold annual fundraising activities for various medical causes. All students are invited to join.

See also: DECA in Academic - Competitive.




Congressional Debate
Coach: Mike Hurley. Assistant Coaches: Sandra Chico, Mike Burke
Students simulate the work of Congress on the Congressional Debate team. They write and research legislation, work in committees, debate bills and resolutions, and learn the art of politics. Congressional Debate, unlike Policy or Lincoln-Douglas, demands that students from one school work in cooperation with students from other schools. Congressional Debaters often form lasting friendships as a result of their experiences in this activity. Wheeling has a long history of success in Congressional Debate: Eight times since 1997, the school has finished first at the Illinois Congressional Debate Association Tournament. In addition, WHS has twice won IHSA Debate and three times finished second. Wheeling has also sent eleven debaters to Nationals since 1996.

Math Team
Sponsors: Mr. Gonzalez Ms. Sobol
The Math Team competes in the North Suburban Math League of Illinois with 55 other schools. There are five regular season meets, with different topics for each of the grade levels at each meet. The "mathletes" are given a 30-minute period to take a five-question test. These contests typically contain advanced problems beyond what is given in the traditional math curriculum. The Math Team also competes in the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics Regional and State Math Contest series. Students are able to compete in both individual and team contests.

Scholastic Bowl
Sponsors: Janet Aschenbrener Cindy Carro
Scholastic Bowl is an interscholastic activity sanctioned by the IHSA. A team of five players competes using a signal lockout system to answer questions that range throughout the entire academic area: art, language, history, biology, math, chemistry, current events, sports etc. This is a fun, fast-paced game that requires quick thinking and reflexes. The Scholastic Bowl season lasts approximately 8-10 weeks and includes the Mid-Suburban League dual team meets and multi- school tournaments. Membership on the Scholastic Bowl Team is open to freshman, sophomores, juniors, and seniors and there is a Junior Varsity and a Varsity Team.

STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math)
Sponsors: Mike Geist Tom Steinbach Victor Gonzalez
Do you enjoy math, science, or engineering? Do you like to work with others to come up with solutions to engineering problems? STEM team is a group of students advised by a multidisciplinary group of teacher sponsors. Students use a full range of math, science, and engineering skills to propose, research, design, and fabricate a student-engineered product here at Wheeling High School.

US First Robotics
Sponsors: Kevin Muck
The First Robotics Competition is a national engineering contest, which immerses high school students in the exciting world of engineering where students get a hands-on, inside look at the engineering profession. In six intense weeks, students and engineers work together to brainstorm, design, construct and test their “champion robot”. The teams then compete in a spirited, no-holds- barred competition complete with referees, cheering team members and time clocks.

Speech Team (Competitive Theatre & Public Speaking)
Sponsors: Jessica Maciejewski
Speech team is NOT about speeches you make in class. We compete based on acting or public speaking skills on topics YOU choose. Join the ranks of former Speech Team members like Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Oprah, Supreme Court Justice Scalia, and many more. Future actors, actresses, lawyers, politicians, teachers, rappers/singers wanted! Clueless newbies welcome, too.

DECA: An Association of Marketing Students
Sponsor: John Kritek
This club is open to all students. DECA is a student-centered organization whose program of leadership and personal development is designed specifically for students enrolled in Business Education classes. DECA members learn the skills necessary to compete in marketing, management, business and merchandising careers at the area, state, and national level. These career-oriented young people are actively involved in creative marketing projects directly related to the careers of their choice. Students in DECA have the opportunity to network with students and business leaders from all over the State of Illinois.

See also: Slam Poetry Team in Media/Writing.



Ebony Club
Sponsor: Joyce Brewer
Ebony Club focuses on African American culture, history, and community service. The weekly meetings promote cultural awareness and the connection between African American and other world cultures. Discussions also include current events, social skills needed for success, and college admission information. In February, the club produces a heritage show and other African American History Month events. All students are welcome. The meetings are every Wednesday at 3 p.m.

French Club
Sponsor: TBD
French Club promotes interest in the study of the French language and culture. We celebrate all the French holidays and take outings to French exhibits and restaurants. In the past we have taken trips to France, and with enough interest we will continue to do so! Anyone is welcome to be a member, but if you want to go to France, you must enroll in French class. The French Club also participates in the Display of Cultures and sponsors a Mardi Gras event to share the French culture with Wheeling High School.

Italian Club
Sponsor: Mariangela Bonasera
"Il Circolo Italiano" is an organization whose purpose is to promote the Italian language and culture through cultural activities at Wheeling High School. We celebrate Italian holidays and march in the Columbus Day parade. In the Fall we celebrate Italian week and in the Spring, Italian Club hosts their annual “Carnevale” celebration. All the proceeds go toward paying for field trips. Italian Club is open to all students.

Latino Club
Sponsors: Bertha Sanchez
The Latino Club started at WHS in 1994. The mission statement is threefold: unity, cultural awareness, and community service. We meet every week on Wednesday after school for about 40 minutes. Throughout the year we go on field trips and have guest speakers, fundraisers, and leadership training.

Latin Dance Club
Sponsor: TBD

Polish Club
Sponsors: Ania Juszczyk, Ralph Moczydlowski
Polish Club is an association whose purpose is to promote ethnic and traditional values characteristic of the Polish-American community. We aim to raise awareness about Poland’s rich heritage among our schoolmates, so that they may better appreciate and respect the values we represent. Members participate in various activities including The Display of Cultures and Peace Week, and they host a “Fat Thursday” Paczki Day sale. In addition we take field trips to many Polish landmarks such as the Polish Museum of America and The Copernicus Foundation. We also visit exhibits, restaurants and other cultural activities in the area. Polish Club is open to anyone interested in Polish culture, language and history.

Sponsors: Bertha Sanchez,  Joanne Amador-Zapata
S.H.A.D.E.S. is an acronym for Students Helping Accept Diversity in Every Situation. The Multicultural Club originated at Wheeling High School in 1989. The group was put together and serves as the umbrella for all other ethnic clubs in the school. S.H.A.D.E.S. tries to educate students and teachers about the different cultures around them. S.H.A.D.E.S. welcomes all students and strives to get the student body involved and informed about the world’s cultures and issues around them through various events and projects. In addition to doing community service, S.H.A.D.E.S. club sponsors two big events, the annual Variety Show and Display of Cultures. It is through these two events that the club is able to raise money to award annual college scholarships to its club members. We meet every Monday.

See also: Reality Check in Student Support.


Fine Arts

Director: Mike Malek
The Wheeling High School Band Program includes Wind Symphony, Symphony Band, Jazz Band I & II, Jazz Combo, Marching Band, Pep Band, and numerous small ensembles. The Wheeling Bands participate in various festivals throughout the Midwest and have consistently been recognized for excellence in concert, jazz and marching band performances.

Director: Stephen Colella
The Wheeling Choral Department currently has five choirs that offer a variety of different music and styles. Wheeling offers a new Gospel Choir, as well as beginning choir, Treble Choir (for girls), Men's Choir, and our top choir, The A Cappella Group. Groups perform throughout the community and have annual concerts at the school. We also offer an award winning, competitive show choir, LEGACY, that meets Tuesday/Thursday nights (for credit). All of these groups are by audition only, except for beginning choir.

Dance (Orchesis)
Sponsor: Diane Rawlinson
Dance and Orchesis fulfill the P.E. and Fine Arts requirements for students. Auditions are usually held in March of the year prior to the season. (Transfer students should contact Ms. Rawlinson to audition in the early fall.) Wheeling Orchesis members are chosen for their creativity and potential in dance, theatre, music, art, photography, etc. Students work with guest artists in master class, workshop, or choreographic settings. Orchesis members self-produce their December concert, children's workshop, February/March main concert and benefit performance. Wheeling dance students have performed at the Illinois State High School Dance Festival, the National High School Dance Festival, AAHPERD National Dance Gala, and Interplay International Conference. They partnered with Hubbard Street and perform annually at Dance Chicago. They are Chicago Dance for Life volunteers and have taken dance study trips to New York City.

Sponsors: Laura Wagner
Fusion is a student driven interdisciplinary performance art project. This original performance is student generated, directed, designed, written, and choreographed. Student involved represent a large range of interests and backgrounds. The performance of Fusion happens each fall and is open to all students without an audition. Many students begin their performing experiences at Wheeling through Fusion, which enhances their skills and abilities to participate in other fine arts programs.

Director: Stephen Colella
LEGACY is our new and improved, competitive show choir that travels throughout the Midwest Region. Members need to have the ability to sing AND dance at the same time. Legacy is a class that meets and rehearses one night a week in the fall and two nights a week during competition season (January through March). This group is by audition only, and there is a fee to participate. Financial assistance/scholarships will be available through various fundraisers. To be considered for Legacy, you must be enrolled in a daytime choir. Exceptions can be made if there is a scheduling conflict.

Musical - Spring
Directors: Stephen Colella 
Our Spring Musical is a student production directed by staff members. Open auditions for roles are announced through the morning announcements. Technical positions are also available for students. Interested students should contact the faculty advisor for additional information.

Director: Sarah Stuebing
The Wheeling High School Orchestra Program includes Chamber Orchestra, Freshman Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra, and small ensembles. All orchestra members perform in five major concerts during the school year. In addition, chamber ensembles perform at outreach activities and special events in the community. All students must audition with the director to be placed into an appropriate orchestra. The Wheeling Orchestra receives unyielding support throughout the year by the parent board, Wheeling Symphony League.

Plays - Fall & Winter
Directors: Orin Xavier Derek Ellertson
The fall and winter plays are student productions directed by staff members. Open auditions for acting roles are announced through the morning announcements. Technical and backstage student positions are also available. Interested students can contact the faculty advisers for additional information.

Showcase 214 - Arts Unlimited
Director: Rebeccah Silver
Each year, District 214 honors the arts with a one-month long festival. During this time, special assemblies and demonstrations are held featuring music, dance, theater and the visual arts.

Technical Theatre Program (Tech Crew)
Director: Derek Ellertson
Students involved in the Technical Theatre Program (also known as the Tech Crew) support all technical aspects of the school plays, musicals, and other productions that take place in Wheeling High School’s Robert E. Sang Theatre. Before each show, students on the Tech Crew build and paint the set, make or find props, set lights, and work on sound cues. During rehearsals and performances, the Tech Crew is responsible for all backstage activity such as scene changes, lighting, and sound. Tech Crew is a great activity to learn new things and meet new friends. Prior experience is not necessary.

Variety Show
Directors: Bertha Sanchez Joanne Amador-Zapata
Variety Show is a student generated show in which students showcase their talents in various areas like singing, dancing, bands, stepping, comedy, and much more. The students who get involved come from many different backgrounds, many not having any previous involvement in any school show. We welcome all students regardless of experience. The Variety is an annual event that generates much excitement among the student body. Proceeds from the show go toward scholarships for seniors in the SHADES club.

International Thespian Society Troupe #4943
Troupe Director: Derek Ellertson
The International Thespian Society is the student honorary division of the Educational Theatre Association, recognizing excellence in middle and high school theatre. The mission of Wheeling High School Thespian Troupe #4943 is to strive to improve and maintain the Wheeling High School theatre program by fostering a positive and inclusive social environment, supporting our peers and fellow thespians by providing recognition and enrichment opportunities, encouraging interest and participation in the theatre program, and improving the quality of all Wheeling High School Theatre productions and the theatre program as a whole. All students are welcome to participate in Thespian Troupe meetings and activities. Each spring an induction/honor ceremony recognizes members based on their participation in the theatre program throughout the year.

Art Club
Director: Rebeccah Silver
Art club meets after school every other week and is open to all students. We feature a guided activity during each session that can include anything from tie dying, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, and working with art and technology. Enrollment in an art class is not required.

Film Festival – VISCOM Digital Media Fest
Directors: Kent Dyer John Uhrik
Throughout the course of each school year, students can make films and submit them for entry into the festival. At the end of the school year (usually the first Friday in May) students, staff, community members, and filmmakers are all invited to a free, formal-attire “Red Carpet Award Night” where students’ films are screened in the WHS theater and awards and prizes are handed out. Student films are aired during school-day commercials and in the main hallway the week before the festival so filmmakers can try to win votes for the People’s Choice Award. To participate in the event, students must submit an entry form and a brief breakdown of their film’s plot and their plan to complete it to either Mr. Dyer or Mr. Uhrik. Students are not required to join the film club; however, students are highly encouraged to do so. The meetings will provide integral instruction and information about creating quality films. Further, students will be exposed to a variety of filmmaking mediums and techniques that will provide members with direction as they begin their projects. Click here for more information.

See also: Media/Writing



Interact with Africa
Sponsors: Sara Strauss Mariola Sobol
Interact with Africa is a high school level Rotary club that seeks to make a difference both in the local community and the world. We do various fundraisers to raise money to build schools in Angola, Africa. We also try to educate the school community about the needs in Africa through our annual "Walk Through Africa." This club is for students who want to experience what it is like to make an impact on their world.

Freshman Class
Sponsor: Sandra Chico
The freshman are involved in a number of school related activities. We are responsible for running the concession stand for a home football game. We participate in homecoming activities including the window painting competition. We complete a Halloween and Christmas service project. The freshman class provides a vehicle for the canned food drive. We are responsible for decorating the foyer in December. We do a fund raising project by selling holiday greeting cards the week before winter break and also during the week of Valentine’s Day. There will be a service related field trip in the spring.

Sophomore Class
Sponsors: Joanne Chilver
The Sophomore Class is involved in several activities throughout the school year. These activities include fundraisers, service/charity projects, and helping with the beginning of school party. We are responsible for running the concession stand for a home football game as a fundraiser for the sophomore class. We participate in homecoming activities, including window painting and hall decorating. We also have a Christmas service project, where the students collect donations and use the money to buy presents for children in the hospital. During the spring, there is another fundraising project and then we work on plans for the back to school event. We also support Student Council in all its activities.

Junior Class
Sponsors: Lorena Lopez
The Junior Class is involved with student council in promoting spirit throughout the school. We participate in Homecoming and Pack the Place weeks, and we run a class shirt sale each year. The Junior class is responsible for planning the Junior/Senior Prom, and throughout the year we hold fundraisers that help lower the cost of Prom tickets. Our fundraisers include food concessions at two football games, and the Valentine’s Day Flower Sale. We also perform a service project in the spring during Prom ticket sales. Each year the class chooses a new recipient. Everyone attending Prom makes a donation.

Peer Mentor
Sponsor: Lauren Manola
Peer mentors are current sophomores, juniors and seniors who are responsible for organizing and running the freshman orientation the week before the school year begins. Peer mentors are assigned to a small group of freshman that they will mentor beginning with the summer orientation. During the school year, mentors are expected to attend all freshman gold late start dates. They are responsible for running small group activities with their group during these sessions. The majority of these late starts are in the fall and early winter. They are also expected to participate in the planning of the summer freshman orientation in early August.

Sponsors: Lorena Lopez
Preparation for the Junior-Senior Prom includes working with junior class representatives to secure a banquet hall, select a D.J. and music, order decorations, hold the Prom King & Queen election, finalize photographer details, select prom favors, arrange menu choices, print of tickets, bids and programs, order flowers for guests and the prom court, and organize chaperones. Fundraising includes a Valentine Flower Sale and two Football concessions.

Sponsors: Kathy Konyar
SADD stands for Students Against Dangerous Decisions. SADD students promote good decision-making and sponsor positive activities at school. In the past, SADD has been involved in Operation Click to promote safe driving, Red Ribbon Week, Spread the Word to End the Word, Anti-Bullying “It Gets Better”, and activities leading up to Operation Snowball. Activities are planned by students and organized and run by students. SADD runs throughout the school year and many members work with SADD during off-seasons from athletics. All students are invited to join SADD. 

Senior Class
Sponsor: Carrie Mattingly
The Senior Class Board has many responsibilities. They include: selecting/designing and selling Senior Wear, helping with Homecoming, organizing 2 blood drives, planning, decorating and selling tickets for the Turnabout Dance, preparing for the Senior BBQ and selecting the Senior Class gift to the school. Members of the Senior Class board speak at the senior awards assembly and read the welcome and introductions at graduation. 

Student Council
Sponsor: Erin Hibner
Student CouncilStudent Council is the student governing body of Wheeling High School. It allows students to voice their opinions and influence the overall atmosphere of the school. Student Council sponsors many activities throughout the year including Homecoming, Spirit Weeks, Holiday Food Drive, Candy Grams, Pack the Place, Crush Sales, and Spring Week.  Student Council also runs the school store and the battle of the class competition.


"Circus" - (Literary Supplement)
Sponsors: Christine Pacyk 
Circus is the official literary/arts magazine at Wheeling High School. We publish original student poems, stories, essays, play, photographs, drawing, paintings, etc. All students are welcome to join Circus and help with the selection and production of the magazine.

"Lair" - (Yearbook)
Sponsor: Sandra Gruen
Lair is the state and national award-winning yearbook staff, made up of students across all grade and experience levels. The staff applies principles of publishing and photojournalism to produce the school's yearbook. Staff members become familiar with the process of planning, layout, copywriting, editing, photography, and production. Together we publish a 256-page yearbook from start to finish. Students improve their communication skills by conducting interviews, writing, and practicing constructive critique strategies with fellow staffers. The students master various computer programs including but not limited to Microsoft Word, Adobe Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Yearbook Ave. Each student will learn the basics of photography and photojournalism including the different aspects of digital imaging. Throughout the year, each student works cooperatively with others, learning the financial aspects of publication and using problem-solving skills when obstacles hinder the goal.

Slam Poetry Team
Sponsors: Christine Pacyk Laura Wagner Orin Xavier
Wheeling High School's slam poetry team and club House of Slam gives students the opportunity to express themselves through the creative outlet of the spoken word. Students who make the team compete in the teen poetry contest Louder Than a Bomb in Chicago, Illinois. House of Slam meets approximately once a week during the season. It begins in November and wraps up in March.

"Spokesman" - (Newspaper)
Sponsor: John Uhrik
The student newspaper provides both an academic opportunity for students to study advanced journalism and a laboratory opportunity to produce content for a specific audience — the Wheeling High School community. Student journalists make and carry out decisions regarding content, design, and publication frequency. The staff publishes nine regular print issues plus a special senior print issue. Mail subscriptions are available. Spokesman staff also publishes a news website that they update regularly with stories, photos and multimedia. Spokesman is a charter member of the National Scholastic Press Association's Hall of Fame. Since it’s beginning in 1964-65, Spokesman has been recognized often as a top high school newspaper from a range of associations. Individual staff members have received more than 500 awards.

Sponsors: Mike Geist
WCAT is Wheeling High School’s award winning student-run television station. The station provides students with an opportunity to combine their interests and skills in the areas of writing, oral communication and technology in an interdisciplinary, hands-on environment. Working together in teams, students produce news programs that are broadcast daily to the entire student body via the school’s closed circuit television system. These daily editions of “WCAT News” feature student announcements, special reports on Wheeling programs, teams, students and activities, as well as coverage of special events. WCAT students also produce live, multi-camera productions covering the performing arts and home sporting events. Students interested in participating in this co-curricular program are encouraged to complete coursework in Media Productions, Media Technology, and/or Broadcast Journalism, but interested students may volunteer for the after school aspects of WCAT at any time.

W.H.S. Website
Webmaster: Joanne McNamee
The Wheeling Website pages are created and maintained through a cooperative effort of staff and students. Students from all four classes are welcome to participate to the extent that their schedules allow. Independent study course credit is available to those students who make a significant commitment and contribution to the Wheeling website.

Writing Contests
Sponsor: Christine Pacyk
Every year, creative writing students at Wheeling High School submit their best writing to dozens of contests nationwide. Wheeling High School has a long tradition of excellence in the area of creative writing. Our students have been awarded prizes for their poetry, fiction, essays, and drama all over the country. Year after year, colleges, universities, libraries, and other professional organizations recognize Wheeling High School students as being among the best writers in the area, in the state, and in the nation. Students interested in participating should enroll in Creative Writing during their senior year.


Student Support

Gay Straight Alliance
Sponsor: Laura Musso
The WHS GSA meets every other week right after school. This is a developing group that is geared to meeting the goals set out by the members. One of the biggest themes has been to promote acceptance of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) students and to combat bigotry and prejudice throughout the school. This organization is open to all WHS students; you do not have to be LGBTQ to be part of this group committed to making a difference at WHS. We have participated in Day of Silence, Relay for Life and Peace Week and will continue to be active, according to the wishes of those who join. Plans for this year include getting more involved with GSAs from other schools and with the Illinois Safe Schools Alliance.

Reality Check
Sponsor: Derek Swierczek
Reality Check is a student led Christian group that meets weekly to discuss how the bible relates to their lives. In addition, students also participate in other social events. Students from any faith background are welcome.