Orchesis Alumni

Below are some of the WHS Dance/Orchesis Alumni who have continued education and careers in performing arts activities

David Acevedo – Founder of Hokule’a Academy of Polynesian Arts.  

Kristen Allred – Production Assistant Chicago’s Dance for Life summers ’08 and ’09

Laura Alvarez-Detering – Founded dance program at Mantansas High School in Florida

Dani Bitout – Dance major Northern Illinois University, dancers Aerial Dance Chicago

Kristin Burdi – Royal Carribbean Cruise Lines Performer, dance studio owner

Ben Burke – Musical Theatre Graduate, Columbia College of Chicago. Performer 

Katie Calandra-Kritek – Dance Education NYU, Dance teacher at New Trier HS

Brittany Cedarburg –  Dance Minor ISU,  Dance and All That Jazz Studio Owner.

D. Jeremy Corchin –  Cast member National Touring Company of Broadway’s "BLAST"

Scott Corchin – aka “Scotty K” ,  Chicago Radio Personality US99

Rachael Fromkin-Rosner – Ballroom Dance Teacher and studio owner Colorado

Carolyn Gaffke – Dance SIU- Edwardsville, former member Ameba Aerial Dance Company, Dance Teacher Grayslake North

Sarina Gomez – Dance Graduate NIU – Danced in Las Vegas and international cruise ships, current company yoga teacher in Arizona

Susan Grant – Independent Performer in Chicago;  Former Staff at Columbia College

Leslie Guth-Daly – Dance Education NYU, New York yoga teacher and dance therapist.  

Jillian Jocson – Musical Theatre Columbia College of Chicago.  Performed for Disney Cruises, active performer in Chicago

Kayla Kennedy – Musical Theatre Ball State University, Chicago’s performer

Jessica Kovarik – Dance Graduate Columbia College of Chicago, Dance Education certified UW- Milwaukee

Christopher Lense – Youngest graduate of InterPlay Leadership Program

Allie Lind – Musical Theatre Graduate Northwestern University, active LA performer

Zach Marcus – Production Assistant Chicago’s Dance for Life summers ’08, ’09, and ‘10

Kelly Maryanski – Dance Minor Graduate, Dennison University; Chicago-based performer

Angela Mollison-Strickland – co founder of Culture Shock Chicago

Andrea Novak – Dance Minor UW-Whitewater, staff at Russian Pointe

Casey Pennel – Dance Graduate NIU- Founder NIU’s Art for Life

Robert Perales – Dance major Illinois State University, Dancer Katy Pruitt Dance NYC

Amanda Peterson-Ven – Dance Graduate Hope College, current Zumb Instructor

Upahvan Rai – Former member for Indian Dance Company at University of Michigan

David Rivera – Performed at Marquette and the American College Dance Festival

Jerry Rivera – Independent choreographer whose work has appeared in Dance Chicago

Bruno Salgado – Dance Major University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Anna Sapozhnikov – MFA in Dance U of I; Director of Moyamo Dance and dance program founder at York High School, current faculty at U of I

Christine Selander-Widell – Dance Teacher/Orchesis director at Hersey High School

Melissa Schaefer – Dance Coach at Mundelein High School

Karen Shuman – Chicago based musical choreographer, college Theatre teacher and dance studio owner

Tanya Steinberg/Bland – Guest choreographer at Wheeling with hoop dance