Attendance Office/Dean's Assistants:

Susie Valdez: (847) 718-7001 (se habla español)
Marcela Guiterrez: (847) 718-7002 (se habla español)
Patty Misichko: (847) 718-7003 

Attendance Office Hours:

7:00 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Monday through Friday
A 24-hour answering machine is also available. Please leave your student's name, ID number, date and reason for the absence.

Please refer to the WHS Handbook for detailed information on attendance along with discipline policies and procedures.

(Link to the District 214 Student Handbook in English and Spanish)


(ref. Board Policy Section 7:70)
The Board of Education authorizes the administration to develop and enforce procedures, which ensure regular student attendance and accurate accounting for student absences. Attendance at school is required by state law. Being in the classroom, doing the assigned work, and contributing to the class, all on a regular basis are important to success in school. Only in the classroom can the student take full advantage of fellow classmates’ ideas, the teacher’s explanations, and other material that enriches the class.