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Fall 2016


Dear Wildcat Families:


It is my extreme pleasure to welcome you to the 2016-17 school year at Wheeling High School.  I hope you are all enjoying summer and have spent quality time with family and friends.  I cannot believe it is almost time to ring the proverbial, “school bell” in anticipation of a new school year.  We have spent time gearing up to meet and greet our staff and look forward to an amazing year working together on behalf of the students and community we serve.   I am very excited to meet our freshmen and to welcome back our sophomores, and upperclassmen.  I also look forward to enhancing relationships with our Wheeling High School parents, businesses, and friends in order to support our work and that of our students.  


Summer is not only a time to relax with family and friends, but it is also a time that most of our faculty spend writing curricula, developing lessons, and working collaboratively with their colleagues. In addition, many Wheeling teachers pursue professional growth by taking graduate level classes, attending conferences and seminars, and presenting at workshops. Our staff is passionate about their work and strive to provide your children, our students, with the best possible high school experience that prepare them to be happy, healthy, and productive citizens in this global society.


On behalf of our teachers, I ask that you stay current on your children’s progress in their courses and contact their teachers with any questions, concerns, or comments you may have. To support your children’s learning at home, students should have a dedicated area where they can work on assignments and where you can look over their shoulders encouraging them to read, research, and reap the benefits of their hard work.   And, of course, please plan to attend all of their events, activities, and athletic competitions to show your support for their academic and co-curricular skills and talents.


In addition to supporting your children at home, please encourage them to visit the Literacy Lab, a place where they can get tutoring help and support in all academic areas.  Amanda Bhansali, Cindy Carro, and Emily Rodriguez facilitate the operation of the lab, located in the library, and work with our students who need assistance in any subject or just want to enrich their learning.   In addition to these three creative and innovative teachers, student tutors are also available to provide additional support to all Wheeling students.  We are very proud of our Literacy Lab and the differential learning strategies teachers provide.  Please encourage your children to seek additional learning opportunities at the Literacy Lab. 


I would like to share with you the names and positions of our new staff members and extend to them a warm, Wildcat welcome! 


In the main office Chris Rugg is our new Associate Principal of Instruction, Elvira Weiner is my Administrative Assistant, and Sharon Maggiore is our mailroom assistant.


In Student Services, Jackie Meo will assume the responsibilities as Dean, working alongside Tom Scotese and Ramón Williams, Adriana Espinoza is a new counselor, Adriana Eloiza is now the Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Principal and Susie Valdez, previously in the attendance office at Rolling Meadows High School, will now be in the attendance office here at Wheeling.


Don Wesemann is our new Division Head for Special Education, and he has hired Charlie Curran as a case manager and transition specialist to join his team.


Bruce French is the new leader for the Math/Science Division. Also new to this division are Beth Christell (Math), Tom Heldmann (Science) Trisha McNew (Science) Jolinta Voelker (Science), John Byrne (ESP), Marybeth Sison (ESP), and Sharon Kim (ESP).


In Social Science/World Language/ELL Angela Hawkins is new to the role as Division Head but, of course, a familiar face at Wheeling High School.  She and a team were instrumental in hiring Cody Mueller (Italian), Lizbeth Arreola (Spanish), Samantha McArdle (Spanish), Adriana Espinoza (ESP), Anna Tad-y (ESP), and Gigi Mathews (ESP).


In English/Fine Arts we have a new Band Director, Mike Malek, who already led our band in the Arlington Heights 4th of July parade.  Additionally, Katelin Gill will join English/FA as their new resource teacher.


In the CTE/PE/Health and Driver’s Ed, Rebecca Geist is joining the preschool team and Jessica Xenakis is the new pool assistant.


In Building and Grounds, Bill Castile is our Building Supervisor and recommended for hire Saul Wences and Tanayry Campos.


In Food Service, Maryellen Antonucci was promoted to cafeteria supervisor and Veneta Lukarova joins the Food Service staff as well.

Brad Kahler is our new Technology Services Supervisor, and he has requested Dan Bell to be the new Help Desk assistant.


Please join me in welcoming these professionals to their new positions and/or to Wheeling High School.  As I am confident and sure you all will agree these staff members bring expertise in their craft, an excitement to work with us and our students, and a dedication to teach every student who walks through our doors. It will be another successful and fulfilling year in Wildcat Territory!


As usual, there are two scheduled parent/teacher evening events.  Open House is on the calendar for Wednesday, September 7 and Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Wednesday, November 16. I extend a warm invitation to all students, teachers, staff, families, community members and alumni to join us at our Wheeling Homecoming game on Friday, October 6, which is when we will also have our Hometown Celebration and staff /family BBQ in the café.  


Finally, continue to bask in the warmth of the remaining summer days and evenings, and then get ready to cheer on your Wildcats!






Angela Sisi



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