Lab Reservations


Lab Name

Preferred Use         


109: ClassRm/Labs

Web Apps: Moodle, ALEKS, etc.

Most periods blocked out

Gold (Library) 

Web Apps: Moodle, ALEKS, etc.


156 M1, M2, M3
No Computers
Small Group Work  


Doing a Media project? We recommend...

  • Check with librarian for any training needs (iMovie, etc.).
  • Check with the Helpdesk (x7165) for supplies i.e., cameras, tripods, etc.
  • There are three additional closed booths in the Innovations Lab (LC1) which can be used during the lunch periods.

When Scheduling Lab Resources:

  • Consider requesting a shared lab space for smaller classes (less than 15).
  • In the "Event Name" enter the name of the program you plan on using.
  • Your reservation is not secure if: you fail to put a number in "Seats Needed"  (a second reservation would be accepted) or if you book more than 1 month ahead.
  • You can delete your reservation (period by period) if no longer needed.
  • If your preferred slot is full, scroll down and reserve "NO LAB AVAILABLE 1;" If that’s taken, move to "NO LAB AVAILABLE 2, etc. These serve as a wait list.
  • Call 7087 ASAP for a last-minute cancellation, so we can re-open the lab.


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