Paying for College

Download a guide (English).      Guía de cómo pagar para la universidad (haz clic Español)

There are many ways to pay for college. There are scholarships and financial aid available. Throughout the school year, many lunch time presentations will be given to seniors about financial aid & scholarships.

Financial Aid via the FAFSA or the Alternative Application (IL)

The U.S. Department of Education offers to all U.S. citizens the opportunity to apply for federal and state money through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, (which is also available en español). The government determines a families eligibility based on a federal formula which ONLY involves a families financial situation.  

An important step in financing college is filling out a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal StudentAid). The government recommends completing the online application.

Seniors and their parents/guardians can request, and be assigned, a Federal Student Aid ID (FSA ID), which is required to complete the FAFSA online. While FSA ID numbers can be obtained at the same time students begin their FAFSA, you are encouraged to request your FSA ID BEFORE beginning your FAFSA.

Steps to filling out the FAFSA here

There is financial aid available for  students who are undocumented or identify as transgender through the Alternative Application for Illinois Financial Aid.  See video  For more information, click here. For more information click here.

Please be aware of scholarship and financial aid SCAMS.  

You should NOT have to pay money to apply for financial aid and scholarships.  If you receive a letter or phone call from anyone offering to help you find scholarships or financial aid please it is important that you see your school counselor or Ms. Amador-Zapata first before offering any personal information, as often times this can be a scam. 

How to apply for scholarships:

The process is exactly the same as how you applied for college. If you need a transcript for a scholarship you should be putting that request in through parchment. 

If you need a teacher or counselor to write a letter of recommendation for the scholarship, you will need to approach your teacher/counselor well in advance and ask them politely to write a recommendation letter for your scholarship and then give them the deadline date. 

Where to Find Scholarships though WHS 

Student Naviance: All Scholarships Wheeling receives information for can be found on Family Connection.

Log in to your account, Click on the Colleges Tab, scroll down and click on Scholarship List. You can then click on each individual scholarship to get more details, requirements, and the actual application.

During senior future planning you learned more about financial aid & scholarships, please check Schoology - Student Services for more information on the powerpoint & handouts.

National Scholarship search engines: